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Colleges in Ooty

Sacred Heart Technical Institute

Charing Cross, Ooty
Phone : 0423-2442478

St. Josephs Industrial School
Finger Post, Ooty
Phone : 0423-2442306
Swiss Merit Inn College of Hotel Management
Havelock Road, Ooty
The Monarch International College of Hotel Management
Haveloek Road,ChurchHill, Ooty
Phone : 0423-2444408
Tribal research Centre
Tamil University,M.Palada. Ooty
Phone : 0423-2455401
Govt. Arts College
Stone House Hill, Ooty
Phone :0423-2443981
Government Polytechnic
Finger Post, Ooty
Phone : 0423-2443407
JSS College of Pharmacy
Rocklands, Ooty
Phone : 0423-2443393




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